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Compos Hit: how to make your own e-liquid!

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With Aromami Compos-Hit, the new line of liquid Aromami, you can prepare your recipe for your own perfect liquid, deciding at the same time the level of the throat hit and of the vapor that you want.

Inside Compos-Hit pack, there are all the components required to create your own tasting liquid: a natural flavor, characterized by the union of excellent raw materials.

By mixing the aroma with vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol, the two diluents responsible for the vaporization and the throat hit, you can then choose the quantity of vapor and hit that you want.

With Aromami Compos-Hit, all electronic smokers can finally decide to fully customize their own experience ov Vaping.

Creativity and innovation

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A selection of flavors composed of 30 different tastes, which allow you to experience aromas and essences of the highest quality, derived from extensive experience in the sector of electronic smoke.

We are specialized in the "zero nicotine" range, dedicated to the innovative "compos-hit" system.

Our liquids for electronic cigarettes come from an accurate research, which allowed Aromami to obtain all the necessary certifications in terms of safety and quality, required by the Italian market.

Aromami Experience:

Unique flavors and sought to give you an unforgettable experience.
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